- Home Styling - 


I adore interiors magazines and have a pile of these at home. They are a huge source of inspiration to me and I hope I'll never lose that excitement of a new issue hitting the shelves

A few years ago when I really started to think about our homes and how they make us feel, I realised that what can be missing in these photos of incredibly beautiful and stylish homes is a connection. The connection of displaying and arrange items that you love. The items that make a home feel comfortable, a glass vase given to you by your grandmother, your favourite book, an old record player or your favourite hand made bowls.

How best to display these items, focusing on how a room feels and connecting them to practical details of your life is what I’d like to help you with.

This service can be a standalone service, or added on after you have purchased your items from the home interior personal shopping service.



- Getting started - 


The initial step would be to start with an on-site consultation to view your home. I’ll be able to start to form an idea of your style, discuss your ideas, expectations and budget. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me