- Personal Home Shopping - 


With what seems like an endless list of options, this service helps you to identify furniture and accessories for your home. I believe that by creating beautiful spaces that you connect with, our homes can become our sanctuary the perfect place to escape and relax from the hectic lives we live. 




- Getting started - 


The initial step would be to start with an on-site consultation to view your home. I’ll be able to start to form an idea of your style, discuss your ideas, expectations and budget. This stage is important and it will enable me to see existing pieces and identify gaps to offer suggestions.
If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me


- Working with you - 


Working with existing pieces, my aim is to assist with identifying those final touches that will help to make your home feel comfortable and your sanctuary. 

Working to your budget I can make suggestions and provide various options for a room. You can take these away to purchase at your leisure. Alternatively and I could accompany you on a day or afternoon of shopping providing advice and guidance.