Holiday Dreaming: Halcyon House

This week London will be engulfed by a heatwave. I know the tubes will be unbearable, the shops will sell out of fans and everyone will be unhappy about the situation, but I will be blissfully content. This type of weather instantly relaxes me and always transports me to holiday mode. Sitting outside of an evening without fear of getting cold is how I wish I could experience all summers in London. But then again if they were, would I get as excited about summer holidays as I do? I've been thinking about holidays quite a lot these past few weeks and I wanted to share with you a beautifully designed boutique hotel that has recently opened on the north coast of Australia.

Halcyon House is located just north of Byron Bay at Cabarita Beach. The hotel has been designed by one of my favourite Australian interior designers, Anna Spiro.  I came across Anna a number of years ago when she was still writing her blog Absolutely Beautiful Things. I was drawn to her use of colour and particularly her use of pattern which has become a trademark of hers. She has become enormously successful and it is not hard to see why.

Anna designs how she lives with rooms full of eclectic interesting objects. The hotel has been designed in the same way, so much so that the rooms really do feel like a home away from home. Each room is unique having been individually designed and are full of interesting furniture pieces and fabulous art. I could easily imagine spending a re-engerising week here and suspect it would be the perfect escape for Sydney siders currently experiencing the depths of winter.


Images: Halcyon House, @_halcyonhouse

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