Musings on Accumulation

I have been struck recently by how much stuff I am accumulating in my home. Instinctively I am someone who feels most comfortable living in a space which contains beautiful, carefully curated objects. Items which are personal to me, tell some kind of story and remind me of family, friends and past experiences. Looking around my home, I can see a simple painted tin cross bought in Mexico which reminds me of my first real adventure exploring the world with girlfriends. The painting which sits above my fireplace reminds me of my first years in London when I realised that I needed art in my life to make my house a home. 

But over the past few months as I write about beautiful interiors and homewares, I have found myself wanting to accumulate, more and more things. Being increasingly exposed to interiors appears to have had a not so desired effect on me. These days I strive to move towards living an increasingly mindful existence, so surely this must also apply to my desire to accumulate?

An article within the latest Kinfolk magazine really struck a cord with me. The magazine is titled The Essentials Issue and there is a wonderful essay written by Margaret Everton within. She writes, 

'Without the guiding discrimination of our inner voices, our lives can be filled randomly with things that may be generally good, but not the best. A cultivated selectivity can transform plain objects into relics of our life story'

This is the type of life I aspire to and without a conscious effort I can already see that it is having an impact on the way I am thinking. If this is something that interests you, I highly recommend picking up a copy of issue sixteen to explore the topic further.


Images: Sabrina Smelko , Design Sponge

Quote: Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 16, The Essential Non-Essentials an essay by Margaret Everton

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