Inky Blues

When I started this blog it was important to me to be consistent with the frequency of my postings. Recently I have had so much going on that I haven't been able to give as much time as I would have liked to the blog and this has really irked me. So I have taken a step back and realised that if I want to grow my business and enjoy the experience, I need to be realistic about what I can achieve. Consquently I have decided to cut back my postings to twice a week which I'm hoping will enable me to be able to deliver better content to all of my dear readers, i.e. you. From next week I will be back to a regular schedule and am truly excited for the times ahead.

I had planned to attend Abigail Ahern's book launch for Abigail Ahern Colour at Anthropology on Wednesday. However, I decided on Tuesday to break my sugar fast which I've been on for approximately one year. I didn't lean into the experience, providing myself with what I thought to be a well earned sugar hit. I jumped from a great height, eating not only a coffee eclair but a mille feuille within 10 minutes of each other. I didn't feel any different at first, but later that night I felt awful. It took me almost 3 days to get back to normal and even now I'm still feeling some residual effects. So I've learnt my lesson and to honest, that coffee eclair I had been dreaming about for months was no where near as good as it had been in my imagination. As I was feeling so awful, I had to give the book launch a miss which was such a shame as I love hearing Abigail talk. The launch of her new book on colour could not be more timely for me given my upcoming decorating plans. However, Amazon swiftly delivered a book to my door and this weekend I spent quite a few hours reading and absorbing all the beautiful images she has pulled together. Abigail is the queen of the dark side when it comes to colour and her book has not disappointed. It's a great book and I wish her the greatest success with it.

My hallway, study and main bedroom are all to receive a makeover. I am planning on keeping all of these spaces to a similar colour palette of inky blues with variating shades. I will also be introducing different colour accents, patterns and textures to each room, creating a cohesive but unique set of spaces. I will be sharing my journey with you over the coming weeks and today I'm sharing images which I'm using to build up my mood board. What do you think of this colour palette?


Images: Pinterest / Society6 / Pinterest / Formell design / Pinterest / Pinterest / Etsy, Art by Scherer / Pinterest

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