One Day in Paris

A few weeks ago I decided to spend what I thought would be my ideal day in Paris. I caught the 6:15am Eurostar, arriving nice and early with a clear agenda to spend my Parisian day focused on art, interiors, fashion and food. As it turned out, I was a little ambitious so decided to drop a few things ensuring my day wasn't rushed or stressful. So visiting the new J Crew store, Cire Turdon and wandering around the Left Bank will be for another time. In the end I focused on three main areas and had the most incredible day.

Jeff Koons

After sitting outside a cafe in the warm morning sun, I arrived not long after the exhibition had opened for the day at the Centre Pompidou. It was a smart choice to start with the exhibition as there were only a few people in the gallery rooms. I've mentioned previously how I'm a big lover of art, but I don't pretend to always understand it. For me it is an emotional response. I read the exhibition explanations for Koons's work and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I didn't get it. So in the end I gave up and just enjoyed taking in all these wonderful 'things' which brought a big smile to my face and made me happy. 



After the exhibition I walked past the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, across the Seine to my lunch destination - Le Bar à Huitres, Saint-Germain. I had spied this restaurant during my previous visit with its display of fresh prawns, lobsters and oysters sitting on ice. Eating seafood is one of the few meals I will sit back and really take my time to enjoy and this was no exception. I was so caught up with enjoying my meal that I completely lost track of time and had to catch a taxi to my next destination



I had three places to visit on Rue Saint Honoré, the first being Goyard the French trunk and leather goods maker. I had been wanting to buy a tote for sometime and thought it would be extra special purchasing it from their store which has been located here since 1834. The interiors of the store did not disappoint with beautiful old wood panelling, tiles and cabinetry. 


Next stop was Colette which I believe had half of Paris wandering around its three floors. The clothes were beautifully displayed and my highlight was seeing the Gray Malin photographs which were for sale. Gorgeous jewellery and accessories were everywhere and it wasn't hard to see why the store is as popular as it is. Next time I will visit on a weekday when hopefully I'll have the time and space to really explore the store.

Colette and Gray Malin

Astier de Villatte

Those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime will know that Astier de Villatte is a favourite shop of mine. I wrote a post in February when I first visited and wanted to return to add a couple of pieces to my collection. On my first visit I had seen a plater displayed with a really striking shape and I couldn't get it out of my head. I try to avoid impulse buys and go by the rule that if I am still thinking about something I saw a few weeks after my visit, then it is meant to be. I thought I'd try my luck to see if it was still there and it was. 


Jardin des Tuileries

So after my long exciting day I still had 45 minutes before I needed to make my way back to Gare du Nord. Jardin de Tuileries was calling out to me and so I spent my final minutes sitting in the the park with my eyes closed and face to the sun. What a fabulous day I had and I can't wait to do it all again. 

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