My idea of a perfect holiday

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a big proponent for the relaxing beach holiday. It enables me to recharge my batteries, fuel my creativity and plan my year ahead. I'm not sure if it is the sun, simple living or just the ability to take a serious amount of time with whatever I need to do, I just find these sorts of holidays healing to my soul. When flipping through May's edition of Architectural Digest I was immediately drawn to the Croatian home owned by architect Steven Harris and Interior Designer Lucien Rees Roberts. On second thought, I think drawn may be to light an adjective to describe how I felt about their home. I was floored and immediately started day dreaming of spending my annual two week holiday at this simple and highly sophisticated island home.

Located on a small island along the Dalmatian coast, near Dubrovnik, the couple purchased the compound in 2003. The tower fortress, which is a listed historic monument was purchased later and carefully restored. The couple wanted the building to maintain its appearance as it had done throughout the years and so the stone walls were left mostly unfinished. The architecture of the tower reflects its historic use with slots in the walls for shooting arrows and a fireplace on the top level which had been used to heat boiling oil to pour on invaders. The couple wanted to play on this history and as a consequence kept the interiors relatively simple.  

To me, this is a highly sophisticated version of simple and I love how the owners must have taken time to carefully select the perfect pieces for each room. The rooms are not crowded with furniture and art, each stunning piece speaks for itself. I can't decide which is my favourite pieces, the coral coloured Murano-glass bowl and the French bronze sculpture in the lounge, the kitchen murano-glass light fixture or the garden chairs. And I guess this is why I am so strongly drawn to this holiday home. It is stunning in its simplicity which is what i seek when relaxing and escaping from the world. I would love nothing more than to spend warm evenings relaxing in the top floor lounge and spending afternoons sitting outside amongst the vegetable gardens and olive groves.  To me, this is my vision of the ultimate holiday home.

Credits: Photography by Scott Frances, Architectural Digest

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