My Latest Purchase: Lola Donoghue

Happy Monday everyone. Those of us lucky enough to be in London were treated to our first taste of spring on Saturday. It felt so wonderful to feel the sun on my face, so much so that I put out the washing, ditched the rest of my Saturday chores and just sat and soaked up the sun. One thing I did accomplish this weekend was the purchase of a piece of art I have been looking at for some time. 

This beautiful abstract painting is soon to be hung in my hallway and was created by the very talented artist, Lola Donoghue. Lola is a painter and illustrator based in Co. Galway in Ireland. She studied Fine Arts and graduated top of her class with a first class honours degree. I discovered her work last year and was immediately transfixed by the dreamy quality of her pieces. Her work is very affordable and is sold through Etsy which in itself leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling. I have read that she has collaborated with some heavy weight design companies such as West Elm and her work has also featured in a number of top interiors publications across the world. I wish her the best with her extremely promising career.