Bathroom and Kitchen Trend: Black Fixtures

I read somewhere that major trends have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. At first glance this appears contradictory in this day and age where we  are constantly presented with an every changing array of fashion and interiors trends. But it does make sense if you put it into context of large influences such as colour. Grey has had a strong presence for the last 5 years and I thankfully don't see it moving away for a few more years.

I can sometimes find it hard not to jump on the latest trend, especially when I'm constantly viewing images of beautiful newly refurbished homes and product launches. But I stick by the adage that it is really important to think about what truly calls to me and has the ability to take my breath away. This way my design decisions have the potential to become timeless. 

The latest trend which I've seen poking it's head around interior spaces is the use of matt black fixtures in both bathrooms and kitchens. I like this trend, i think it is fresh and works well in a very minimal setting.

All the images below are uncluttered and simple and this is the way I would suggest you incorporate the fixtures if you are tempted. For kitchens I would limit the use of black to just the sink area and incorporate handleless cabinets. Personally I love this trend when incorporated into the off-white, darker, moodier spaces - the first two images I've presented. I feel like these settings could challenge the test of time.  I'm still a big lover of brass and have been for the past 8 years. I wonder if this means I've only 2 more good years left with my love of brass, lets wait and see.