Marella Agnelli's Marrakesh Retreat

I think of myself as someone who can be both super organised and forgetful at the same time. I figure they balance each other out most of the time so am not that bothered about my forgetfulness. However, I am constantly amazed how this can disappear in an instant when it comes to interiors, celebrity gossip and remembering lyrics to music from my school & university days. Let me explain...

I was viewing upcoming talks at the V&A and noticed that there was an evening with Marella Caracciolo Chia discussing a book she had written with her aunt Marella Agnelli. I mentioned in the blog only last week my interest in the Italian Fiat family dynasty, so you can understand that I felt this to be a perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening. The auditorium was full of like-minded people (I'm not alone!) and we were treated to photos of many beautiful homes and gardens which she helped create. We ended the evening with Marella's Moroccan retreat, Ain Kassimou which she created following the death of her husband Gianni in 2003. 

We were treated to a glimpse of Aim Kassimou that evening but I knew I wanted to see more. So when I arrived home I spent time researching and was excited to discover that one of the bedrooms I had seen before. I couldn't pinpoint the source or time, but I knew I had seen it and had spent time looking at all the different elements, admiring the simplicity and elegance of this bedroom. I never forget a beautifully designed room. 


Marcella's Marrakesh home was decorated with the assistance of Interior Designer Alberto Pinto and Landscape Designer Madison Cox. The book Marella Agnelli: The Last Swan, published by Rizzoli is currently available on Amazon.


Marella in 1963 wearing Balenciaga in the garden of Vila La Leopolda on the Côte d'Azur

Images: Eric Boman, The Wall Street Journal, Philippe Halsman, T Magazine