Interior Inspiration : Valentino Spring Campaigns

If I was a jet-setter, someone who travelled the world attending spectacular dinners, events and fashion shows, I know that I would wear a lot of Valentino. I'm not sure I would enjoy this lifestyle, I'm socially shy and a major homebody, but I know I would want the clothes. Valentino's collections consistently appear so strong, delicate and beautiful and each season I fall more and more in love. 

For the last few seasons, the brand has been publishing mesmerising campaign photos which I have found hugely inspiring for interior spaces. The 2014 Spring/Summer campaign was strong, powerful with an almost surreal quality to the lighting. The 2015 Spring/Summer campaign moved towards a more washed out, ethereal aesthetic. This campaign was shot in Tuscany and evokes a dreamy, summertime feeling. I very much drawn to these beautiful photographs and believe these colour palettes would look beautiful in interior spaces. I'd love to know what you think, let me know. Happy Monday all


Images: 2014 Valentino Spring Summer campaign, Craig McDean; 2015 Valentino Spring Summer campaign, Michal Pudelka; Pinterest