Gwyneth Paltrow's Living room

In honor of the Oscars I thought I'd share with you Gwyneth Paltrow's living room which was featured in her Goop newsletter last year. I have to admit that I have a bit of a girl crush on Gwyneth. If we were to meet, i'm sure we would become great friends. Personally I think that Gwyneth is unfairly branded as un-relatable and elitist. Sure I don't have the same wallet size but I can relate to the values, ideals and at times her vulnerability which she shares with us via her newsletter and cookbooks. She also has great style which is evident by where she lives, what she wears and how she approaches life. I'm not going to go on, you get the drift. 

So even Gwyneth is comfortable admitting that she too can need the help of a designer. Windsor Smith was tasked with taking some inspirational images supplied by Gwyneth and turning her living and music room into a stylish oasis of calm and serenity. I've loved this room since I first saw it. 

So what is it that has drawn me to this room? it would have to be the incredible pieces of furniture and muted serene colour palette. Each piece of furniture is a stunning standalone statement piece, but has been combined in such a way to work in harmony. The mid century Karl Springer console works together with the contemporary Carol Egan coffee table and Roche Bobois sectional sofa. The furniture and artwork doesn't try to compete and ensures that the beautiful grand piano remains the centre piece of the room. 

When this room was designed, Chris Martin and Gwyneth were still living together. You can just imagine the wonderful times family and friends had sitting in this room enjoying listening to Chris play. 


Images: Justin Coit, Goop