Design Commitment Issues

When it comes to making design decisions for my own home I'm happy to admit that I'm a nightmare. I struggle to commit to a particular design, worried that I'll implement and then think of something even more wonderful to create. So I end up doing nothing and day dream for hours on end.  I've decided that this year I'm going to treat myself like a client. I've broken down my long list of items into rooms & tasks and specific bite size chunks. I've found that this has allowed me to be more considered and feel more confident in my choices.

The first task I've decided to tackle is the upstairs flooring. I installed cream carpet about 7 years ago and I'm so over it. With my two little bundles of joy, Matilda and Ripley and their constantly shedding of hair, it just doesn't work. I've loved parquet flooring for years and now that it is having it's design moment, this introduces a large number of affordable options. 

I'll be searching for a wood colour similar to the floors featured in these photos, light and pale. As most people, I have an allergic reaction to yellow and although I'm a fan of darker woods, I'd prefer to keep the upstairs space light and bright. I think these floors are incredibly elegant in both the traditional and modern settings. 

Now for the challenging part, tracking down the perfect floor. I started the adventure on Saturday by driving down to Croydon to a hardwood specialist. I made the school girl error of not calling before I left and was gutted to find that they were closed. Who is shut on a Saturday I ask! I'll keep you posted on my progress. Are you a fan of parquet flooring?


Image 1: photography by Claessens & Deschamps, YellowTrace 

Images 2&3: photography by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, Yatzer

Image 4: courtesy of Items by designbird

Image 5: photography by Yellows for Fredericia, House and Hold