That Kitchen

I'm a big fan of Pinterest and regularly dip in and out to see what is going on in the interior and architectural space. There is a lot to shift through but occasionally an image hits me for six and makes me stand up and pay attention. This kitchen is one such photo which has taken me on an investigation to find out as much as I can about the designer, location and their aesthetic. The kitchen is from acclaimed architect and designer, Joseph Dirand's apartment located in Paris's seventh arrondissement. The apartment was featured in an article by The New York Times last year titled, The Reinvention of Minimalism

Over the last few years Dirand has designed a number of high profile fashion stores around the world; the Givenchy and Balmain stores in Paris, Rick Owens in London, Pucci in New York and Alexander Wang in Beijing. He has a distinctive style, mixing traditional and modern elements into clean minimal interiors. You could say that Dirand has design in his blood with his late father, Jacques Dirand being one of the most famous interior photographers of his day.

When renovating his apartment, Dirand sought to replicate the simplicity of Italian interiors of the 17th century. Walls are not painted but covered in light grey marble powder, a type of pigmented stucco. The parquet de Versailles and chevron floors are combined with Dirand's signature slabs of heavily veined marble. Large windows flood each room in the apartment with light and show off Dirand's favourite mid century pieces to perfection.

All photography by Simon Watson for The New York Times