Zellige tiles

I still distinctly remember my first visit to Morocco in 2001. It was my first experience of Middle Eastern culture and our adventure started in Marrakesh. We arrived late in the evening and was met by our porter in the Jemaa el-Fnaa. He took us through dark, narrow, windy lanes (i'm sure it was misty) and I felt like I was travelling through a movie set in ancient times. It was so mystical and exciting and unlike anything I had experienced before. I have to say I was hooked and have returned since that first visit. 

I've always been drawn to the beautiful architecture and interiors of Morocco including the zellige tiles which i'm going to talk about today. These tiles have their origins in the 14th Century and are based upon the Hispano-Moresque style from Muslin Spain. The style blends both Islamic and European elements and are available across many different pattern compositions and colours. The making of these tiles is considered an art form with each tile handcrafted by master skilled artisans.

The tiles are terra cotta covered with paint and enamel and are manually cut following a traditional cutting techniques. I am particularly drawn to the plain coloured square tiles as featured below. Each tile appears to be unique, slightly imperfect with a different tone of colour. I'm fairly certain I will be using a form of these in my new attic bathroom.

    Designer :  Maison Hand     Photographer :  Romain Ricard     Source :  Elle Decoration  (France)


Designer: Maison Hand   Photographer: Romain Ricard   Source: Elle Decoration (France)

    Source : e-magDeco.com


Source: e-magDeco.com

    Designer :  Faye Toogood     Source :  NYTimes magazine


Designer: Faye Toogood   Source: NYTimes magazine

    Designer :  Robert Gervais Studio    Photography :  Christoph Theurer   Source :  cotemaison


Designer: Robert Gervais Studio  PhotographyChristoph Theurer  Sourcecotemaison

    Image :  Emery & cie     Source :  World of Interiors


Image: Emery & cie   Source: World of Interiors