Dinosaur Designs

Now that I am publicly sharing my thoughts and views on design related topics, I'm becoming increasingly aware of how excited I get pretty much each day about something new I discover. It makes me pretty darn happy to see this as I can get so caught up with day to day life that at times I feel that l'm not actually experiencing it (I know I'm not alone here!).

Now that  today's psychoanalysis is over and done with, I want to share some exciting news. Dinosaur Designs has finally arrived in the UK, opening a boutique within the Ham Yard hotel complex (which is super cool and should be visited). I'm struggling to contain myself.

Dinosaur Designs is an Australian company who sell a range of resin homeware and jewellery. Designers Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy started the company in the mid 1980's and opened their first retail store in the Sydney Strand arcade in 1989.  I remember visiting the store with my wages from working Thursday nights and Saturdays in the baby wear department at Big W, dreaming of having enough money to buy one of their vases, dishes, spoons etc. Even today when I visit home I always visit their store in the Strand. 

Each piece is handmade and the finished products have a matt, smooth yet uneven surface. They are increadibly tactile and are made in a range of beautiful vivid colours. 

I love how this iconic Australian brand has achieved international recognition and I know where my next gift to myself is coming from.

All photographs below have been sourced from the Dinosaur Designs website