Art in the home

I thought I'd talk about Art in the home today given that Frieze London has just finished. You'll soon learn that I am a massive fan of having art in the home. It adds another dimension to a room and really brings personality into the space. I grew up with beautiful paintings and to this day, both my sister and I love how they add so much interest and character to the rooms at home.  

This love, possibly an obsession has forced me to be creative when sourcing pieces for a room. The example below is a case in point. When I was last home in Australia, I was searching through my mothers bookcases for old magazines of my fathers. I found this architecture magazine from the late 1960s. It was love at first sight and immediately new it would look great on a wall somewhere in my house. 

Back in London i was flipping through the pages and an old card of my fathers fell out onto the floor. This card was also from around this era when he lived and worked in Rome. I found the perfect frame for it in Zara home yesterday and today it is on my gallery wall in my sitting room.